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Plastic Culverts

Rural Water stocks only high quality plastic culverts, the best solution for improving farm access and the management of excess surface water. 

Rural Water only stocks a range of plastic culvert due to their many advantages over traditional concrete culverts. Concrete culverts are difficult to install due to their weight and getting the required materials and tools to remote locations can be a nightmare for many. While our light weight plastic alternatives make installation in rural areas easy.

Rural Water has two ranges of plastic culvert pipes from RX Plastics available, PVC or Polyethylene (PE).

PVC Pipe - The answer to the majority of your farm culvert pipe needs. The smooth bore is lightweight, easy to handle, making installing the PVC culvert pipe a dream. This unique material, also known as FARMTUFF™ will provide countless years of dependable service, significantly improving your farm access. 

This PVC culvert pipe is light and takes majority of its strength from the bedding material surrounding the pipe. Therefore, it’s important for the pipe to be protected from heavy downforce, this can be easily achieved in installation, by using the appropriate aggregates and compaction around the pipe body. If this pipe is deformed, it doesn’t return to its original shape as readily as PE culvert pipe.

Polyethylene (PE) Pipe - This pipe is an economic alternative to PVC culvert pipes, The light, durable in all elements and is significantly more stronger than PVC pipe, it can put up with heavier loads and can return to original shape after any deformation. If installed correctly, this pipe can easily take the weight of heavy machinery such as a tractor. 

If you are not sure what product is perfect for you, contact us! Rural Water provides free expert advice, our water technicians will make sure you find the right product.

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