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RX Plastic 75mm Fire Fighting Kit


Excluding GST

RX Plastic 75mm Fire Fighting Kit

Maintaining a water reserve in case of a fire

This could mean the difference between saving or losing a valued asset. Ensure emergency services have access to your stored water, by purchasing a RX Fire Fighting Kit and a Water Reserve Kit.

Also comes in a 100mm option.

The RX Firefighting Kit is suitable for 15,000L, 25,000L and 30,000L RX Plastics Tanks only, using 25mm or 50mm inlet fittings. RX Plastics offer the 100mm Fire Fighting outlet with a standard fire hose coupling and the 75mm Fire Fighting outlet with a camlock fitting. These fittings will require supporting separately from the RX Tank wall.

The RX Fire Fighting Kit complies with SNZ PAS 4509 : 2008*, the New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice.

Please refer to the fittings shown when ordering to ensure you receive the correct kit to suit your requirements or notify our sales team of your individual requirements.

Important Notice: Contact the Principal Rural Fire Officer through your local District Council Office and seek advice on what size tank outlet is most appropriate for your area. Advice on tank size, location and Fire appliance access to the water supply in relation to the property to be protected can also be provided.

Assembly of the Fire Fighting Kit

A concrete slab is required for mounting the bracket, for the installation of the RX Fire Fighting Kit. The concrete slab will be no smaller than the 500mm x 500mm square and a minimum thickness of 50mm. The bracket will be DYNA bolted to the concrete slab.

Ensure that the overflow does not erode the foundation. Overflow to be fitted at 270mm from the ground in one of the panels beside the manhole.

To avoid the possibility of internal pressure or vacuum an adequate vent must be installed. The vent hole must be at least the same size as the outlet. If the tank has an RX Fire Fighting kit attached, the vent is to be fitted to the dome of the tank, or the tank lid must be removed before use.

Free Delivery 

Free delivery to site when purchased with a RX Plastic tank. If purchased separately $20 + gst to site.  

*Please note, first image is the 100mm fire fighting kit, the second image shows what the 75mm option looks like, very similar. 

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