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3 Reasons Why Devan Water Tanks Are The Trusted Choice In NZ

3 Reasons Why Devan Water Tanks Are The Trusted Choice In NZ - Rural Water

If you’re trying to choose a water storage solution, it’s time to research your options. Devan plastic water tanks are an ideal choice when it comes to conscientious water collection. Here are a few key reasons to seriously consider a devan water tank.


Devan aboveground tanks are a flexible storage option for all your stormwater, rainwater or drinking water storage needs. Unlike underground tanks with laborious installation, aboveground models are easy to set up. Place them anywhere around your home or yard for maximum convenience and minimum hassle.

One major benefit of aboveground tanks is personalized accessibility. Deciding where to store your water may depend on the proximity of your garden, catchment area or other unique property considerations. More distant storage is another alternative for less pressing stormwater needs. Regardless of your specific situation, the ease and flexibility of tank placement offer a definite advantage.

Providing more flexibility to the site, Devan tanks can be used in various applications. If height restrictions are an issue, Devan tanks can also be buried. While standard tanks can only be buried up to 1m, Devan also has extra heavy-duty tanks that can be buried up to 2m.

From an aesthetic perspective, Devan aboveground tanks are just as flexible. Rural Water sells Devan water tanks in several styles and storage size options to fit in the smallest of spaces and to best meet your individual needs. Take your pick from 12 colour choices to best suit your home and natural environment. Our extensive product selection makes our tanks an exceptional choice.


Devan tanks are made of a durable yet safe plastic exterior known as medium density polyethylene. This material stands up to New Zealand weather and is safe in temperatures up to 30°C. What’s more, polyethylene has been deemed potable drinking water according to AS/NZS4020:2005. This combination of strength and sanitation makes for a reliable tank with added use-value.

Beyond the benefits of plastic, aboveground tanks let users spot potential damage early on. Underground tanks require excavation for tank storage and no visibility. While plastic tanks are built to last, any potential leaks or cracks are easy to see thanks to the tank’s exposure. Catching a potential issue early on also means a smaller, easier fix and limited damage to your tank and surrounding area.

The other stamp of durability is backed by the company itself. Devan offers a 20-year full warranty for domestic use water tanks in case of manufacturing defects. This guarantee speaks of the company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and product longevity.

Did you know? Devan water tanks are specifically designed with a protective dome. The shape ensures structural integrity for a dependable storage container. When it comes to installing, servicing or snow loading your tank, the dome prevents popping for stable storage design.


Plastic water tanks are an affordable option for a number of reasons. The material itself is reasonably priced for sensible storage of storm-, rain- or drinking water. Its leak-free properties also help keep costs down on the maintenance end. Plastic is both practical for use and inexpensive to produce for a manufacturer/consumer win-win.

What you might not immediately consider is the costs saved on tank installation. Underground detainment tanks otherwise known as water cisterns require ground excavation and unclear installation prices. For example, the presence of bedrock in the soil may require dynamite for removal, which makes the process even pricier. By comparison, aboveground tanks are a cheap and simple alternative for the cost-conscious.

If you’ve ever heard of LED lightbulbs, you likely understand their worth. These light sources cost more upfront while saving energy and use costs in the long run. Now apply that concept to water harvesting since Devan tanks take a similar approach. The cost of a water tank may be a considerable investment initially, but it’s built to last for years and years of service. The upshot is an affordable average per year of use for a smart purchase overall.

Last but not least, water harvesting pays in dividends. Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet and immensely important to our daily lives. Whether you collect water for drinking, gardening or sustainability purposes, its value knows no bounds. Devan tanks facilitate your water harvest as the ultimate worth of storage tank solutions. If you would like to see how affordable a Devan Water tank can be we can provide you with a free water tank quote.

Final Thoughts

Water storage is more complex than it may seem with umpteen factors at stake. Though no two customers are completely alike, many have come to rely on the flexibility, durability and affordability of Devan’s aboveground water tanks. If you’ve got more questions or would like a quote let us know by contacting us here.

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