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Lateral LDPE Pipe 16mm - 25mm

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NOVATUBE - Lateral LDPE Pipe
for Horticulture & Viticulture

Novatube is lateral pipe, a low density polyethylene pipe (LDPE) designed specifically for use in low pressure horticultural and viticultural irrigation lateral applications. This pipe is used for drip, spray and irrigation systems where flexible pipes are more suited.

Novatube is manufactured from fully Pre-Compounded LDPE materials, ensuring consistent carbon black dispersion to maximise the pipes ability to withstand UV degradation. Other key features include:

  • Rural Water has a range of 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm lateral pipe sizes
  • All lateral pipe sizes has a 5 Bar pressure rating
  • Compatible with majority of horticultural lateral fittings systems 

Why choose Novatube Lateral Pipe?

  • A superior 5 bar pressure rating for added security, this pipe delivers 61% higher than Industry Standard lateral pressure rating.
  • This product has consistent pipe dimensions and performance compared to competition. 
  • Compatible with commonly available fittings systems to ensure versatility and uncomplicated system design and installation.
  • Reliable and durable product as made up of fully pre-compounded black LDPE, for additional protection against weathering.

If you are not sure whether this product is perfect for you, contact us! Rural Water provides free expert advice, our water technicians will make sure you find the right product. 

If you're requiring 3 or more units, request a quote and our friendly team will get back to you.

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