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Plastic Pipe

Rural Water sells a large range of high-quality NZ-made pipe from the most reliable NZ brands at competitive prices for all your water reticulation needs. We stock a large size range of PVC, LDPE, HPPE Pipe to cover all urban, horticulture, agriculture and viticulture applications. Whether you need a short length for a home garden or a truckload for a large stock water project, we have what you need. Browse our range of plastic pipes below.

 The Benefits of Using Plastic Pipe

Plastic pipes offer a huge advantage over steel or other metal pipes. The pliable nature of plastic makes it easy to detour around any obstacles you may encounter in the soil. Plastic can also withstand any movement of the soil around it, making it more durable than other options. Our pipes are designed to maintain a consistent pressure rating across a range of pipe diameters. We stock NZ largest range of PVC, LDPE, and HPPE pipes to cover all horticulture, agriculture, and viticulture applications. We also offer FREE shipping to all freight depots in NZ if its a small pipe order or free shipping to site for all larger pipe orders. 

Plastic is a highly affordable material; with the new material used, you can expect your pipes to last 100+ years. Plastic pipes are durable and resistant to corrosion and chemicals, which means they’ll last for decades without needing replacing. The lightweight nature of plastic makes it super manageable and easy to install.

Have questions about our pipes? Reach out to us via phone or email, and our team will be happy to answer your queries.

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