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Low Density Polyethylene Pipe LDPE

Iplex's Low density polyethylene pipe, can be used in agricultural, horticultural and garden irrigation applications. Rural Water has a large range of LDPE pipe and sizes to suit your project. FREE Delivery to any freight depot in New Zealand. 


LDPE is a soft, flexible, and lightweight plastic material noted for its low-temperature flexibility, toughness, and corrosion resistance. It is specifically designed for low-pressure horticultural and viticultural irrigation lateral applications. This low-density pipe is ideal for drip, spray, and irrigation systems where flexible pipes are more suited. Polyethylene Pressure Pipe Systems have been used in the water industry for many years and offer significant advantages over other pipe materials.

LDPE materials ensure consistent carbon black dispersion to maximise the pipe’s ability to withstand UV degradation. Other benefits and features of low-density pipes include:

  • Versatile size options - Rural Water has a selection of 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm lateral pipe sizes.
  • All lateral pipe sizes have a 5 Bar pressure rating.
  • LDPE is more flexible than other pipe materials, such as PVC.
  • Compatible with most horticultural lateral fittings systems to ensure versatility and uncomplicated system design and installation.
  • A cost-effective solution - LDPE is one of the most affordable pipes on the market.
  • Accessories can be added according to customer requirements.
  • LDPE is suitable for on-surface or just below-the-surface installation.

Order an LDPE pipe now, and your product will be delivered as soon as it’s ready to be dispatched.


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  • Lateral LDPE Pipe 16mm - 25mm - Rural Water
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    Lateral LDPE Pipe 16mm - 25mm

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