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End of Summer Tank Sale
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End of Summer Tank Sale
Access our sale prices

Product Warranty

Goods attract a warranty period which may vary from product to product. Warranty covers only defect as a result of manufacturing defect or faulty parts. We are not obliged to replace products if they can be repaired. In accordance with consumer laws, a replacement product will only carry warranty for the duration of the warranty period of the original product purchased. Warranty does not cover any labour costs. Abuse or neglect of a product, or product being used outside of its intended use or application will void any warranty. We reserve the right to obtain any information in order to determine the cause of failure. Failure of a product within the warranty period does not automatically constitute or guarantee warranty.

Goods are sold on a return to base basis. This means that it is the customer's responsibility to either ship the goods back to our address for inspection.

Tanks have a 20 Year Product Warranty:
The warranty for this product will be for a period of twenty years from the date of purchase. Warranty for the tank will provide coverage from freedom from defects, faulty workmanship or materials.

This WARRANTY is VOID under the following conditions:

• In the event that the tank and fittings are not installed strictly in accordance with the Tank Site Preparation guidelines.

• If used for any purpose than as a stationary water tank.

• Unauthorised repairs, modifications, alterations or relocation without prior written approval from RX Plastics.

• Act of God.

• If the defect arises from use that is other than fair wear and tear.

• That the tank has not been adequately vented to prevent vacuum or pressurisation of vessel. Refer to Tank Manufacturer for advice.

• Damage sustained while in transit or on the Merchants premises.

• The warranty does not cover consequential loss or damage.

• The warranty does not cover minor cosmetic damage or slight variations in tank colour.

• The warranty does not cover leaking of factory fitted fittings or mechanical fittings, unless they arise from defects of the fittings, or faulty materials.

• Prompt notification shall be given to Rural Water of any defect or failure. Rural Water agrees to either repair or replace as its option under terms of this warranty.

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