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60,000L (2 X 30,000L) RX Plastics Water Tank & Fire Fighting Connection Kit

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Color: Mist Green

Need Water Tanks with Fire Fighting Capabilities? 

RX Plastics 60,000L (2 X 30,000L) Water Tank & Fire Fighting Connection Kit


North Island options: 25,000L, 30,000L, 50,000L, 60,000L
South Island options: 26,000L*South Island only, 30,000L, 52,000L, 60,000L


  • 2 X RXP 30,000L Water Tank, (North & South Model: 3950mm (d) x 3000mm (h), 450kg) and a special outlet necessary for the fire fighting kit 
  • 100mm Fire Fighting Kit

20 Year Full Warranty & FREE Shipping

Consider your water storage sorted with this RX Plastic water tank. Suitable for various agricultural, urban and industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Compliant to the highest standard AS/NZS4766
  • UV stabilised, food grade polyethylene (FDA approved)
  • For water use 1 SG only (1m3 = 1000kgs water)
  • For potable water storage between 1 - 23 degrees.
  • Supplied with clip on lid
  • Quick inspection via large 600mm diameter lid
  • One piece construction for strong robust tanks
  • 6 Lifting lugs per tank
  • FREE delivery to site, where site is accessible.+
  • 20 year warranty
  • Other colours options are available. These tanks will be made to order, chat to our friendly team for more information. 


North & South Island  - Please click here to see our delivery ETAs

If urgent, please let our team know and we can try organise an urgent delivery.

Please note, delivery timeframes are subject to change in busy periods. Get in touch with the Rural Water Team to confirm current tank delivery times. If you need your RX Plastics tank by a certain date, get in touch with us and we will do everything in our power to get the tank delivered by the date you require it.


Contact your Rural Fire Officer

Seek advice on what size tank outlet is most appropriate for your area.

A concrete slab is required for mounting the bracket, for the installation of the RX Fire Fighting Kit. The concrete slab will be no smaller than the 500mm x 500mm square and a minimum thickness of 50mm. The bracket will be DYNA bolted to the concrete slab.

Ensure that the overflow does not erode the foundation. Overflow to be fitted at 270mm from the ground in one of the panels beside the manhole.

To avoid the possibility of internal pressure or vacuum an adequate vent must be installed. The vent hole must be at least the same size as the outlet. If the tank has an RX Fire Fighting kit attached, the vent is to be fitted to the dome of the tank, or the tank lid must be removed before use.


Water Tank Documentation: 


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