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End of Summer Tank Sale
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End of Summer Tank Sale
Access our sale prices

PN9 PVC-U Pressure Pipe Rubber Ring Joint 50mm - 200mm


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PN9 PVC-U Pressure Pipe
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Novakey PN9 is a PVC-U Pressure Pipe that’s widely used throughout New Zealand.

There are many reasons why this product is a popular choice, it’s safe for transporting drinking water, it’s light and easy to handle and affordable. This pipe has many technical benefits too, including high mechanical performance, high durability, high chemical resistance and resistance to UV exposure. 

Novakey PN9 is suitable for: 

  • Urban potable water supply
  • Pumped sewer rising mains
  • Agricultural irrigation and rural water supply
  • Industrial processing fluids
  • Industrial effluent disposal
  • Slurry lines
  • Acids, alkalies and aggressive chemicals

  • Why choose Novakey PN9 PVC-U Pressure Pipe?

    • The transport and Installation costs are low, due to low specific gravity and a range of jointing techniques.
    • The high chemical resistance enables the pipe to resist corrosion, even when in contact with highly corrosive media.
    • The inertia to electrochemical corrosion ensures the pipes durability, making it a reliable product in conveying potable and service water, food and beverages.
    • PVC-U pipes and fittings offer a flow capacity greater than metal pipes of the same nominal diameter and ensure the durability and reliability of constant low pressure losses as a function of time.
    • Superior Impact and Tensile Strength allowing pipes and fittings to withstand a service pressure range between 6 and 21 bar.
    • Engineered and manufactured to the New Zealand construction standards.
    • Durable and long lasting, the resistance to photo degradation and creep stresses gives a long service life.

    If you are not sure whether this product is perfect for you, contact us! Rural Water provides free expert advice, our water technicians will make sure you find the right product.


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    If you need product urgently, please let our team know and we can talk you through your options. 

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