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End of Summer Tank Sale
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End of Summer Tank Sale
Access our sale prices

NEXUS PE Culvert Pipe 110mm - 500mm


Excluding GST

NEXUS™ Heavy Duty PE Culvert Pipe
at wholesale prices

This PE culvert pipe provides an excellent economic alternative to PVC culvert pipes. The heavy duty polyethylene dual wall construction provides superior impact strength and crush resistance, it can put up with heavy loads and can return to original shape after deformation. If installed correctly, this pipe can easily take the weight of heavy machinery such as a tractor. This pipe is also extremely light-weight and easy to handle. The smooth internal bore gives good flow performance and reduces chances of blockage making NEXUS™ Culvert an ideal choice for culvert pipes around the farm.  

Why choose NEXUS™ PE Culvert Pipe?

  1. The smooth bore provides a good hydraulic performance for efficient water relocation.
  2. The corrugated outer wall gives the culvert excellent load-bearing capability to provide reliable long-term service.
  3. The culvert pipe has been designed so it’s compatible with a large range of inject moulded and fabricated PVC fittings allowing a greater flexibility of use.
  4. It’s available in a range of diameters allowing a degree of choice to match the performance requirement.
  5. It’s manufactured from polyethylene, a material which is both rust and abrasion resistant to give a long in-ground life.
  6. The culvert pipe is lightweight, smooth bore polyethylene construction makes it an economical choice to purchase and install compared to traditional heavy culvert pipes.
  7. This product is manufactured in New Zealand using a Quality Management System accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. Therefore it’s produced to the highest standard. 
  8. This culvert is colour coded for easy identification.

If you are not sure what product is perfect for you, contact us! Rural Water provides free expert advice, our water technicians will make sure you find the right product.


FREE delivery to all DEPOTS for orders over $600, FREE delivery to site for all large orders. For all small pipe orders, $100 + gst to site or $25 to depot.

If you need product urgently, please let our team know and we can talk you through your options. 

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