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End of Summer Tank Sale
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FARMTUFF PVC-U Culvert Pipe 110mm - 500mm


Excluding GST

FARMTUFF PVC-U Culvert Pipe 
(110mm - 500mm)

FARMTUFF™ is the answer to your farm culvert pipe needs. The smooth bore is lightweight, easy to handle, making installing the PVC culvert pipe a dream. This unique material, also known as FARMTUFF™ will provide countless years of dependable service, significantly improving your farm access. 

This PVC culvert pipe is light and takes majority of its strength from the bedding material surrounding the pipe. Therefore, it’s important for the pipe to be protected from heavy downforce, this can be easily achieved in installation, by using the appropriate aggregates and compaction around the pipe body. If this pipe is deformed, it doesn’t return to its original shape as readily as PE culvert pipe.

All FARMTUFF™ culverts have a solvent cement joint.


Why you need FARMTUFF™ PVC-U Culvert Pipe

  1. A large range of various diameters and large, smooth bore sizes to suit any culvert requirement. 
  2. The high strength PVC construction gives an excellent load-bearing capability and longitudinal rigidity to lie on grade for reliable long-term service.
  3. Compatible with a large range of injection moulded and fabricated PVC fittings and floodgates allowing greater flexibility of use.
  4. Can also be used for piping dairy shed effluent to settling ponds and other on farm stormwater applications. Cut lengthwise it can be used as an open channel for water drainage around cow sheds and driveways or as economical stock feeding troughs.
  5. Manufactured from uPVC, a material which is both rust and abrasion resistant to give a long in-ground life.
  6. The smooth rather than corrugated-bore culverts have less chance of jamming up with branches and deliver greater flow at higher speed, lessening the chance of debris build up within the culvert pipe.
  7. Light-weight smooth bore PVC construction makes it an economical choice to purchase and install compared to traditional heavy culvert pipes.
  8. Manufactured in New Zealand using Quality Management System accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.


FREE delivery to all DEPOTS for orders over $600, FREE delivery to site for all large orders. For all small pipe orders, $100 + gst to site or $25 to depot.

If you need product urgently, please let our team know and we can talk you through your options. 

Customer Reviews

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Extremely Happy

I bought 10 units of this Farmtuff culvert pipe, it was delivered the next day and at an incredible price! Will definitely use Rural Water again.

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