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Promax Xpress Range VS Promax Enduro Range

Promax Xpress Range VS Promax Enduro Range - Rural Water

Promax Xpress Water Tanks VS Promax Enduro Water Tanks

Firstly, why choose choose Promax over our other tank brands Devan, RX Plastics and Aqua

Promax focuses on service and quality, they've been manufacturing tanks for nearly 30 years, and produce the strongest tanks (the Enduro range) in New Zealand. 



Promax has 2 types of tanks available in the domestic aboveground range:

The biggest difference between these is the smooth and corrugated walls, which directly impacts the strength of the tank. 


The Promax Enduro range is the strongest tank on the market with the special strength-enforcing corrugated wall. It's able to be partially buried up to 1m and still retain it's 20-year warranty. This is one of the only tanks on the market that can be buried up to 1m with the original backfill rather having to use sand or bark. 

Sinking the tank in the ground means you can get it out of sight and can achieve fall in the downpipes. For example, the 25,000L Promax Enduro tank is 2850mm high to the top of the dome. Inset in the ground, and now it's no higher than the average fence! 

A testament to the strength of these tanks, was the aftermath of the devastating Kaikoura earthquake. Promax Enduro tanks suffered no recorded failures during the strongest ground shaking event ever recorded in New Zealand. They've since been widely referred to in the community as ‘the tanks that with-stood the earthquakes’.

If you would like to read more about this, visit Waiau Community Water Supply Case Study



The Promax Xpress range competes with other similar tanks in the market. This tank has been designed for budget-conscious buyers without compromising on Promax's celebrated quality. These tanks still have a 20 year warranty but are strictly above ground only. 


Standard features on both Enduro & Xpress tanks 

Both Enduro and Xpress tanks have the following features: 

  • Heavy ribbed roof design makes the roof the strongest
  • 600mm dia manway is the largest and strongest on the market (25,000 & 30,000 LTR models) 
  • Self vented manway lid. Venting capacity of up 1x 80mm downpipe
  • Multiple plumb points all around the tank
  • Premium grade plastic, manufactured in house
  • UV Stabilised
  • Built to AS/NZS 4766
  • 20 year warranty
Promax Enduro:Additional to the standard features, the Promax Enduro tanks have the following:
  • Ability to partially bury up to 1m and retain 20-year warranty
  • Strongest sidewall construction. Find out more here
  • 7x colours available
  • 2x moulded outlets 50mm female thread. 1x below the manway, 1x at 90 deg to the left when looking at the tank manway. 
Bonus feature - there's a flat spot on the sidewall 1m up from the base and directly below the manway, so if you do have the tank in the ground 1 meter, then you can still have your pipework accessible at ground level. Xpress Tanks:Additional to the standard features, the Xpress Tanks have the following:
  • 1x 50mm female threaded outlet below the manway
  • 2x colour options available


Do you live close to either manufacture in North or South Island? 

You can qualify for local discount if the delivery address is within 100km of either manufacture. If this applies to you, please get in touch with our team and we can quote you these special prices!

NORTH ISLAND: 389 Waipapa Road, Waipapa 0295

SOUTH ISLAND: 279 Flaxton Road, Waimakariri, Rangiora 7400

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