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End of Summer Tank Sale
Access our sale prices
End of Summer Tank Sale
Access our sale prices





 Needing a new water tank? Now is the best time of the year to purchase a plastic water tank through Rural Water!

With regional field days occurring all over NZ, Rural Water is bringing you our fantastic field day prices directly to you. No need to grab the Red Bands and the truck keys, make the most of these ludicrously low field day prices from the comfort of your own home. Just visit our website! It’s as simple as that. 

Water tank prices do not get lower than this, this is the sale of the year, so don't miss out! 

Shop Devan Regional Field Day Prices:

Devan field day prices 

Devan 30,000L now $3,104, was $4,086. SAVE $982

Devan 25,000L now $2560, was $3390. SAVE $830

Devan 15,000L now $2250, was $2869. SAVE $619

Devan 10,000L now $1898, was $2521. SAVE $623

Devan 5,000L now $1094, was $1477. SAVE $383

*Valid until 31st March

Devan Water tanks have free shipping nationwide and a FULL 20 year product warranty. This tank can be buried up to 500mm with clean backfill and up to 1m if the first 500mm is clean backfill and the top 500mm is bark. Please note, if you are required to use this for firefighting purposes you will require a fire Devan tank. For Devan’s delivery timeframes please visit here. 


RX Plastics Regional Field Day Prices:

RX Plastic Field Day Prices

RX Plastic 30,000L now $3440, was $3800

RX Plastic 26,000L now $2899, was $3330

RX Plastic 25,000L now $2899, was $3250

RX Plastic 15,000L now $2632, was $3060

RX Plastic 10,000L now $2500, was $3100

*Valid until 4th April

RX Plastics above water tanks have free shipping throughout NZ and a 20 year full warranty. These tanks are strictly above ground tanks and can be used for firefighting purposes. For RX Plastics delivery timeframes please visit here. 



Wondering what the water tank delivery times are across NZ? Please see ETAs here.

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Please note, all above prices exclude gst.

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