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9 Reasons Why Rural Water is NZ’s Preferred Place To Buy a Water Tank.

9 Reasons Why Rural Water is NZ’s Preferred Place To Buy a Water Tank. - Rural Water

Rural Water makes it simple. We sell all things rural water, from fittings to pumps. We have the largest range of water tanks & are committed to providing the best delivery times across NZ at the most competitive prices! We strive to be the best merchant to purchase all your rural water needs. Here are 9 reasons why we’re NZ’s preferred water tank merchant. 

1. Rural Water Makes it Simple. We Provide You With All The Information That Others Won’t. 

Purchasing water tank/s can be difficult with many different types of water tank options and many resellers. The decision can be a lengthy and confusing process, but it definitely doesn’t need to be.

Rural Water makes purchasing a water tank simple, we have the largest range of quality water tanks at the most competitive prices and the best delivery times in New Zealand. We offer a Free Water Tank Quote that compares all the water tank options while also identifying important details that are often overlooked such as warranties, delivery times, visual aesthetics, dimensions, installation differences and shipping costs and logistics. All important elements to consider when choosing which water tank is right for you. This free quote loaded with information enables you to be comfortable that you’re making the best and most informed decision. 

2. The Largest Range of Quality Water Tanks in New Zealand.

We’re passionate about providing you with the best range of water tank/s for your site. We understand that each site and project can have their unique requirements, so we have a large range of many different types of water tanks from different New Zealand suppliers to ensure we have one right for you! That means, you don’t need to spend time on acquiring countless quotes, we can give you all the information just in one single quote. 

 If you have any questions just contact our friendly team. 

3. The Most Competitive Priced Water Tanks in New Zealand

We work hard to ensure we have the most competitive prices. No matter how small or large your job is or where it is in New Zealand, we want to be able to offer the best price. 

Found a cheaper price for the exact item? We’ll try beat it!

4. The Fastest Delivery Times in New Zealand

With the extreme demand for water tanks in the North Island due to the island wide drought in Summer 20 - 21 on top of three years of covid, has caused significant delivery delays for the entire industry in NZ. Previously, we could deliver a large 30,000L  water tank within 2 - 3 weeks of ordering. Now, many North Island manufactures are delayed up to 15 - 19 weeks, and South Island manufactures around 10 - 12 weeks. (Please note, these shipping times do change regularly, please contact our team for the most up to date delivery times.) 

These delays will only continue to grow leading into Summer 23, when the demand for buying water tan rises coming into the drier months. 

We understand that these delays are inconvenient and certainly frustrating.We’re working with all suppliers to get these down as fast as possible. Many manufacturers are choosing to invest in more tank manufacturing equipment and delivery trucks to ensure this is not a long term issue. For immediate relief, we have RX Plastics 25,000L Water Tanks, RX Plastics 26,000L Water TanksRX Plastics 30,000L Water Tanks that can be delivered within 3 - 6 weeks in the North Island and 7 weeks in the South Island in effort  to help out people who require a tank urgently. This is up to 14 weeks faster than other merchants, for the exact same product. Please ensure you contact the team directly as these urgent tanks are not available online. 

Please also let us know if your urgent situation is regarding human or animal welfare and we, alongside our manufacturers, try our best to get these delivered as fast as possible.  

5. Rural Water Knows All Things Rural Water, With Nearly 30 Years Experience In The Industry, We Know What We’re Talking About. 

Rural Water was born from our parent company, AgFirst Engineering, a specialist team of engineers who have extensive experience in all facets of agricultural engineering design and implementation. They identified a gap in the market for high quality rural water products to be sold online at great prices, simplifying the purchasing process enabling all New Zealanders to have access whenever and wherever they want! And that’s how Rural Water was born. 

AgFirst Engineering is one of the leading national agricultural engineering technology companies in New Zealand, and have a reputation for successfully delivering innovative and customised engineering design solutions. With nearly 30 years experience in this industry, we know what we’re talking about, and can provide helpful advice and technical support. 

If you have any questions, Rural Water has Water Technicians available to help, any larger, more complex projects, we let our parent company with teams all around the North Island handle the design, fabrication and installation of customised engineering design solutions. 

6. Free Advice From Our Experienced Water Technicians

We don’t just sell the product, we can walk the talk and help you with any issues you encounter along the way. Our Water Technicians are available during our operating hours. Just contact the team requesting expert advice and we’ll sort it. 

7. We Only Sell The Best Quality Products. 

We only sell the best quality products in NZ, you need a tank that you can trust. Especially since it's storing your most precious natural resource, water. 

7. a) All Tanks Rural Water sells Are Credited With The AS/NZS4766 Compliance Certificate & Locally Made In NZ. 

Both RX Plastics, Promax and Devan are market leaders in this industry and are committed to their water tank design, research and development. The entire process from tank design, through to manufacturing is certified to meet the highest design and manufacturing standard AS/NZS4766. Each tank is rigorously tested before it leaves the manufacture to ensure you're receiving a tank of the utmost highest quality.

All these tanks will have this accreditation on the tank. It’s important to look for this when purchasing a water tank to ensure you're getting the best quality tank on the market, a guarantee of assurance. 

Some tanks in the market may say they are built up to the NZS4766 Standard, but that doesn mean they have the accreditation and by no means a guarantee of assurance as anyone can say this. 

Not only are our tanks credited with the AS/NZS4766 Compliance Certificate but they’re also all UV stabilised and food grade polyethylene (FDA approved). This is especially important in NZ’s harsh climate and if you’re using tanks to store drinking water. 

7. b) All Tanks We Sell Come With a 20 Year Warranty

Because we sell the best quality water tanks in the market, we can offer the best warranties. All our tanks come with 20 year warranties. So you can relax and ensure at the off chance anything happened with your water tank, it would be taken care of. 

8. Exceptional Customer Service

Here at Rural Water, we place customer service at the forefront of what we do, it’s an extremely important part of our business. We really want to look after you, we will always try to go above and beyond to ensure a smooth purchasing experience for you. 

9. We Don’t Just Sell Water Tanks, We Sell Everything Regarding Rural Water

We sell everything rural water, from fittings to pumps and everything in between. No matter if you're after a small urban tank to many large stock water tanks, or even if you're after 1 culvert or 100 culverts, we have the right product for you. We can provide you with not only your tank, but the pipe, the fittings, the pump and anything else, making it simple for you.

Contact Rural Water now for your Free Water Tank Quote. We will aim to get back to you the same business day! 

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